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Company Policy



Food Damage and Spillage policy

Here at Secured/Your Kitchen Catering Delivery our drivers are well trained and extremely careful on how to handle and transport food orders to your clients.

We do not stack or overload our catering bags if we use them. If our driver notices that an item is not packaged securely when we pack it in our bags, they will advise you before loading It if it is visible.

All food is placed on a flat surface in the vehicle to avoid spillages.

While we are careful driving your order to it destination, we have no control over rough and under construction roads and the bumps and stoppages that occur due to these conditions. We avoid these conditions where at all possible.

We do not speed or take high speed turns or corners. In case where food is packaged and placed in sealed boxes by the restaurant, we do not guarantee that there won’t be spillage or food moved around on platters. We simply cannot see it and we did not pack it. Our drivers will not accept a box from you that is damaged prior to loading or is not properly labeled and sealed. It is incumbent on the restaurant to ensure that their packaging is solid with tight seals and tops on liquids etc.

If a driver should drop or otherwise damage a box, you will be notified.

I hope this helps you we all want the food to arrive as it left your restaurant in perfect condition.

Please call me if you have any concerns, Greg.